Has the kinkyfly bitten you too?

A few years ago, I became acquainted with the kinkyworld through my friends. When I got into Villi Ira's team in the fall of 2021, my perception just confirmed that Domination and BDSM is really for me. My artist name is Rose and my body is decorated with a rosevine tattoo descriptening my name.

Im atlethic, my height is 170cm and I weigh 61kg. I have good genes and my body has stayed in proper fit. I have healthy way of life and I take care of my condition by exercising. My favorite sport is poledancing.

I have experienced a lot for I am a woman in her 40's who has seen life. By nature, I am a happy person and I can talk freely with you about more sensitive things as well. As a nursing professional, I have worked with all kinds off folks and I enjoy treating people. I am said to be genuine and empathetic as a person. It is true that I have the ability to place myself in the position and lives of others. I strongly feel that as a Dominatrix can also help.

I like to do clinical sessions at the manor and I am confident in my grips. You are also in the safe and, if necessary, demanding hands at the reception of a caregiver. No treatment is foreign to me. I can even catheterize you or quilt stitches in memory of our meeting if you want.

Here at the versatile Wild Club I do sessions on a large scale according to different wishes. I am eager to explore your pain limits and explore of your enjoyment. Maybe you already know how volatile the limit betwwen pain and pleasure can be? It is good for you to know that your submissive and service-minded attitude will ignite me. And I will reward your obedience.

You will get a reliable and understanding Dominatrix for a longer kinkytrip. I am not afraid and not startled by your hopes. However, let’s stick to the side of eligible facts and remember to let me script our session. Your ideas are inspiring, but I don’t have the memorabilia to memorize ready-made scripts. ;) Let me create and trust that we will survive.

Tell me about yourself, your hopes and fantasies. If writing feels difficult, call me. I'm Rose and I'm ready for our kinky session.

Contact info:

Domina Rose
+358 (0)45 196 6363
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