What is your fantasy?
Hundreds of different session options ensure that you have plenty of choice to choose from so that you get the treatment that you want.
  • BDSM
  • Fetish
  • If you have some fetishes, you can share your desires with the Mistresses. As a fetishist, you can experience different feelings, images, and enjoyment when dealing with your fetish. Does your attracted to a certain kind of clothing? What happens when you see your favorite material on a gorgeous woman? We all have our own personal fetishes and these you can negotiate in more detail with the Mistresses.
  • BDSM
  • Several Mistresses
  • Do you want two Mistresses or a session with a Mistress and a Master? Our different ways of working and the seamless cooperation make the session versatile and surprising. Please tell us more about your wishes.
  • BDSM
  • Imprisonment
  • The mansion several equipment to which you can be tied to. We use many different ways of bondage, such as leather straps, string, elastic band, film, chain, taping, various leather and rubber bags, vacuum bed etc. Many cage and space options also give their own addition to being imprisoned. For security reasons, we will not leave you unattended during a imprisonment session.
  • Clinic
  • Nurse
  • The white nurse's office dazzles you with its staff where your caregiver can be rough or gentle. The clinic has a genuine atmosphere and all patients are cured. If you want, even the most difficult treatment is safe and possible to do. We take care of the hygiene of the clinic in an appropriate way.
  • Extras
  • Secretion
  • Champagne and caviar is provided by Devi Sparkles. The special sessions also includes vomiting, saliva, sweat, period blood and used under panties or strings.
  • Other
  • Stag parties
  • We here at the mansion can also do sessions and performances also with a smile and with humor. Our services have been used for birthdays, farewells, stag and hen parties, and party session is always tailored to suit groups needs. You can also buy a gift card for that special someone.
  • Extrat
  • Slaves
  • The mansion has many different kind of slaves. An unruly schoolgirl, a naughty bitch or your humble maid? An experienced slave will submit to my command and you may be her Master. You can also play with the slave together with a Mistress. Ask for more information about different possibilities.
  • Extras
  • Voyerism
  • Are you interested in learning about BDSM through watching or do you get your kicks of watching others? At the mansion you can get involved in a session as a slave or as a translady. Watch and follow as the Mistress dominates and and trains their bottoms. You can also be in a dominating role yourself or engage in a session with another slave. In a session all possible possibilities are doable. By pre-booking you can also have a session with several Mistresses, or a Mistress and a Master.
  • Extras
  • Serving
  • The Mistresses are used to commanding and directing, and we enjoy being served. The large mansion allows work both indoors and in the garden. You can also come to us for a full day slave as you may have skills that we can use, for example, you being a cleaning sissy for us.
  • Extras
  • Couples
  • Our Mistresses do sessions with couples. In addition you have the opportunity to rent a mansion for your own session and erotic moments. Spend quality time together, try something different or your partner with gift session. Good for birthdays, bachelor and bachelorette parties or something to cheer things up. See the virtual tour of the mansion.
  • TV
  • Sissy
  • Have you dreamed of being dressed up as a woman? With our Mistresses, you can explore your own femininity and womanhood through dress, make-up and guideance. We will help and support you. There are many options to choose from. By pre-booking we can also accomany you for shopping. From us you get help creating your individual look and choosing the right accessories.

The following tools and equipment are available:

T- and X-cross
Suspendable standing cage
Sitting cage
Two 5 meters high suspension points
Mini prisons for standing imprisonment
Bondage web
Bondage chair
Spinning chair
Sawhorse for standing
Body- and armsbags
Vacum bed
Air fillable latex ball
Venus and sybian machines
Two sex swings
Stock for head, hands and feet
Gynecological chair
Several bondage equipment for hands and feet
Bondage table
Steel stock
Arms and legs bondage stock
Three fuck machines
Wheel of fortune
Massage table

What does as session with a Mistress look like?

An interesting and exciting experience …
The purpose of the session is to carry out agreed exchange of domination and submission. As the submissive part, you can enjoy the feeling of being lost in the session and let yourself experience your desires in a way that suits you. With us you can focus on relaxing and submitting to the fullest.
A session can be based on both physical and mental domination and fulfilling different fetishes. Everything is agreed in advance and we decide the flow of the session, what is accetable and what is the mood, use of safeword, roles and levels of pain you are comfortable. We also take in considaration any medical condition or other special wishes.
The individual preferences in BDSM are limitless. You choose what part of your body you want us to treat and in what way. The Mistresses will help you find your preferences if your not familiar with them yet. A successful session brings new, wonderful experiences into your life and we have hundreds of different options for you to choose from.
Please remember, that we are not able to make sessions online or over the phone. Session is intimate event between mistress and you. Everyone has their own reasons why and what they would like to experience. Communication is the key for succesful session.
With us,you can enjoy soft domination session if you don’t enjoy pain. Many role playing games are possible and they are usually suitable for beginners and softer sessions. The roles make it easier to get involved with the session and sometimes it is just liberating to be someone else. In the session, you can talk or be a quiet according to your own preference.

Who we do sessions with?

We are happy engage in sessions with experienced masochists. Creating long-term customer relationships is the best thing in our work because with a familiar customer, the end result is often more to the customers liking. We are also happy to take in new comers and show the world of BDSM for the less experienced.
It is easy to work with the Mansions Mistresses. You are in the focus of the session and we are very keen on you having a good experince with us. Yet we hope you don't write a script of the session in advance and instead dare to give the Mistress the lead of course following the limits we have agreed upon. A safe surprise is an important part of the session.
We do sessions with women, men, non-binary and couples who are over 18 years of age. We can work in many different ways and also together with another Mistress, Master or a slave.

Before the session think about…

What kind of atmosphere would you like to have in the session?
Do you like pain? Or do you prefer a pain free session?
What body parts do you want us treat?
Do you want sensor deprivation or are you interested in over stimulating your senses?
What kind of clothes would you like the Mistress to wear?
Do you have some fetishes?
For roleplay, what parts do you want us to play?
What is your opinion about markings, yes or no?
Is there something about your health we need to be aware of?
What is your safe word and safe gesture?

We don't do:

Anything illegal as we follow the Finnish laws
Mostly all actions are targeted on you, not the Mistress
Mistresses have limits so please respect our decision of not having penetrative or oral sex with you
Kidnapping and outdoor session
We do not want to cause public situations and do session inside only.
We don't do 24/7 slavery nor do we control your life outside the session
No overnight sessions as the Mistresses need their beauty sleep