I am on of the best known dominas in Finland, familiar to many but maybe still new acquaintance to you. In my chosen line of life I am very experienced woman and truly interested in sadomasochism.

My career in the vortex of sadomasochism has been long and interesting. It has been rewarding to work with something that is true passion of mine...

Because this is my profession, my services are not free, and I don't comment to any critic about commercialism of the practice. My services are very needed and useful eyes opening experiences for many people. I offer S/M services for men, women, and couples in need of refreshing experiences. I am in a role of Domina and I do not act as prima donna or stripper. My nature is nice, reliable, fair, demanding and as known, also a woman of action.

I fulfil a great variety of sessions, with very large scale, so you can be certain that you will get the treatment you want. About one hundred choices for session guarantee that you have what to choose from. I am open minded for everything new, but let us note, that animals and children are definitely out of question in my sessions. As variety lover I enjoy sessions and roles with very different feelings. I like different kind of people, and persons of all ages, but its important that our Chemistries meet..

I have received special acclaim for my skill in assuming different roles, for my developing studio, and encompassing offer of services.. My mental health is solid and when we meet I do not smell of tobacco or old booze. I also run my studio without drugs or medicines.

Many parts of sessions fascinate me. Sessions are overwhelming and exiting. Finding and creating new are those basic parts of my character that I like. As Domina I do not live two days alike.

Customers are different of type and age. It is educating to peak into the fantasies of other people´s secret worlds and turn them real. As or the questions concerning me as Domina, I believe that I am the best person to answer to them. My private life is my own, the same as my customers. Some people find it difficult to tolerate the difference created by sadomachism, but with me you can safely share your secrets.

Co-operation I practice with reliable colleagues and co-workers. I can publicly confess my sadomasochism - I give it its face. But there are many other important things in the world. I appear daily enough in my work to satisfy my exhibitionism, and I do not look for publicity any more than is necessary formy work.

Because I was born as woman, I want to stay as such. I have kept my girlish good looks and my exercise shows in my figure.

My height is 163 centimetres , my weight 48. My breasts are upright C-75. When I dress to my different roles I use also wigs and dresses. I like to dress according to the wishes of my customers and if I don't have in my large selection the dress you like, I am ready to make a new acquisition, or you can bring that dress with you. My size is s/xs, 34-36.

During my foreign travels I visit S/M studios and parties, so I know what happens at my line of work. I work out sessions with world travellers and experienced masochist. I also like to meet new Finnish customers, and I know how to open doors to complete beginners. Interaction with me is straightforward.

The base on my business is my customer, and as Domina I accept, that my profession is customer service. The session will be realised according to agreed wishes, and I offer both rough and soft. It is inspiring to delve into role-play. - My business is my owned by me and I work as private entrepreneur directly without middlemen, paying also my taxes.

My principle is: what I do, I do well and each customer relationship for me is different. I work clear headed, and with common, agreed rules to the game. Whoever you are, your visit is confidential, and stays just between us two. I expect that you also keep our sessions just between us, as agreed.

One of my strengths is, that in my private life I like also to be in submissive slave girl roles, so I know by own experience, how it feels to be dominated in a session. For me it is important, that we both enjoy the sessions! When we meet you will understand more about sessions and their atmosphere! I wait for you by e-mail or telephone.

One picture tells thousand words, so go to my gallery, and if you want to see few of my ways in sessions,