Fetish Queen

What does as session with a Mistress look like?

An interesting and exciting experience …
The purpose of the session is to carry out agreed exchange of domination and submission. As the submissive part, you can enjoy the feeling of being lost in the session and let yourself experience your desires in a way that suits you. With us you can focus on relaxing and submitting to the fullest.
A session can be based on both physical and mental domination and fulfilling different fetishes. Everything is agreed in advance and we decide the flow of the session, what is accetable and what is the mood, use of safeword, roles and levels of pain you are comfortable. We also take in considaration any medical condition or other special wishes.
The individual preferences in BDSM are limitless. You choose what part of your body you want us to treat and in what way. The Mistresses will help you find your preferences if your not familiar with them yet. A successful session brings new, wonderful experiences into your life and we have hundreds of different options for you to choose from.
Please remember, that we are not able to make sessions online or over the phone. Session is intimate event between mistress and you. Everyone has their own reasons why and what they would like to experience. Communication is the key for succesful session.
With us,you can enjoy soft domination session if you don’t enjoy pain. Many role playing games are possible and they are usually suitable for beginners and softer sessions. The roles make it easier to get involved with the session and sometimes it is just liberating to be someone else. In the session, you can talk or be a quiet according to your own preference.

Who we do sessions with?

We are happy engage in sessions with experienced masochists. Creating long-term customer relationships is the best thing in our work because with a familiar customer, the end result is often more to the customers liking. We are also happy to take in new comers and show the world of BDSM for the less experienced.
It is easy to work with the Mansions Mistresses. You are in the focus of the session and we are very keen on you having a good experince with us. Yet we hope you don't write a script of the session in advance and instead dare to give the Mistress the lead of course following the limits we have agreed upon. A safe surprise is an important part of the session.
We do sessions with women, men, non-binary and couples who are over 18 years of age. We can work in many different ways and also together with another Mistress, Master or a slave.