Usually people think that I, Mistress Lumi, am a girl next door, whose skin is like snow and hair like fire.

That might be true, at least sometimes. For a decade I was obedient to my masters and was fortunate to have enjoyed pain in different forms. I still love hanging from ropes, have electricity running in my body or being blind folded, not knowing what is coming for me. All the while giggling and moaning when being told what to do. Because of my experience I can easily relate to what you experience during our sessions.

I found my dominant side about 5 years ago while I was living in the US. I am a passionate queen of curves and I love to sit on the faces of naughty people and make them gasp for air. I would love to make you moan from pain or deprive you from your senses.

Bdsm and being kinky are a huge part of who I am. I'm facinated and passionate about pain, pleasure and different sexual preferences that make us unique. I have 15 years of experience from customer service and in this job I get to combine two very important things in my life: sexuality and people.

I love beautiful underwear but I also like wearing different outfits and materials. I take care of my curves with good food, gym, areal yoga and archery. Movies and music are things where I draw my inspiration and sometimes ideas and mood for my sessions. Mutual respect for both of our limits is key to a successful session.

Please tell me what you have in mind and what kind of an experience are you looking for? You will experience interesting, diverse and unforgettable sessions with me. I do sessions with first timers as well as more experienced individuals, with or without visible marks. I can be soft or tough and everything in between, according to your preference. I have worked with variety of different people so you can rest assure you can come to me as you are and I will welcome you with open arms.

What are you still waiting for, hop on I dare you. Below you can find my socials and my contact info. Best chance is via email or text. Over the phone I'm available when scheduled.

Contact info:

+358 (0)41 311 1744
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